iCOPE is a world leading, interactive, digital screening app that facilitates efficient and effective mental health screening in the perinatal period (pregnancy and year following birth).

How It Works

iCOPE is a web-based app that enables secure patient screening in a variety of clinical settings:

Digital tablet device (i.e. iPads)

For in-person appointments, the screen can be completed on a tablet device supplied to patients either in the waiting room prior to the consultation, or within the consultation. These tablet devices are registered with the service, locked down and cannot be used for any other purpose.

On the patient’s own mobile device via SMS (smartphone, tablet or computer)

A link can be sent to the client at, or prior to their appointment via SMS. This enables the client to complete their screen in the clinic waiting room, or at home prior to a telehealth consultation.

Clinician’s desktop

The clinician can access the screening tool on their desktop computer and complete the screen with the patient during the consultation (either in person or via telehealth).

On completion of a screen, scores are calculated, interpreted and two types of reports are instantly generated.

1. Event summary (clinical event summary):

The clinical event summary meets all MBS auditing retirements, and details clinical scores, outcomes and guidance in line with best practice. The instantly generated structured PDF can be accessed via a secure individual login and password. The PDF allows easy upload to patient medical records including My Health Record.

2. Patient report:

Available via email or SMS to provide clients with an understanding of their responses and links to further information. The practice or health service has the option to activate a patient summary. The patient will then receive a free instant report via email or SMS in their preferred language. The report provides patients with an understanding of their screen results, and links to further information, underpinned by the Australian Guideline 2017.