iCOPE is an interactive digital screening app developed for use by the medical profession to facilitate fast and efficient mental health screening during a pregnancy and the year following a birth.

iCOPE Screening

The screening integrates the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and the Antenatal Risk Questionnaire (ANRQ). Diginostic developed the app and the app delivery and maintenance service with the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE).

Our partnerships with Telstra, Apple and Cisco ensure the iCOPE app and our delivery program aligns with Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy legislation and Medical Benefit Scheme (MBS) audit requirements.


  • Patients can take the screening on a Diginostic powered iPad while sitting in the waiting room prior to their consultation. The iCOPE app can also be delivered to a patient on their mobile phone to be completed before their telehealth consultation. Both are billable services.
  • Approved MBS billing: Antenatal consultation MBS# 16590/MBS 16591; Post-natal MBS# 16407; Complex birth MBS#16552
  • Automated collection of identified patient data (pre consultation) saves time and provides clinicians with summary data regarding patient profile and clinical status.
  • Facilitates a productive consultation because the use of an ipad/mobile phone tends to encourage patients to respond more honestly to questions because it takes away the potential bias inherent in person to person screening.
  • Is available in 12 languages, which assists in minimising the time-consuming organisation of translators and the privacy issues that can sometimes be felt by the patient (English, Arabi, Cantonese, Chin Hakka, Dan, Dinka, Mandarin, Persion/Farsi, Punjabil, Tamil, Turkish and Vietnamese).


  • iCOPE is accessed through an individual login and password. Clinical reports meet all MBS requirements. No data is stored on the devise.
  • Is easily linked into Patient Management software (HL7).
  • Provides forensic digitalised date and time stamping that complies with Australian Digital Health Agency guidelines.
  • Has the capability to allow patient consent for bulk billing and the telehealth consultation.
  • Automated reports eliminate scorer error (studies have shown a 32 per cent error rate).
  • Produces automated clinician reports in PDF format, allowing easy upload into patient medical records on other software systems (e.g. Genie, ObstetriX, Birthing Outcomes System (BOS), Medical Director, Best Practice).
  • Meets a requirement of the Medicare Benefits Schedule that the results of the mental health assessments be recorded in the patient’s medical record.