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Diginostic Apps

  • COPE logo

    Centre of Perinatal Excellence

    A national not-for-profit organisation focussed on developing sustainable solutions to increase knowledge and implement best practice in perinatal mental health.

    As the developer of the Australian National Guideline (2017) all of our tools, resources and solutions are underpinned by best practice evidence.

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  • prevention Xpress logo

    prevention Xpress

    Established in 2000, pXs pioneered rapid, confidential and convenient preventative health screening for all workplace settings.

    Each health check takes 10 minutes and 150 people can be screened per hour for the following chronic preventable diseases: cardiovascular disease, tobacco-related harm, alcohol-related harm, Type 2 diabetes, sleepiness and fatigue, obstructive sleep apnoea, mental health (stress and depression), obesity.