About Diginostic

Diginostic Pty Ltd develops health-related applications for medical professionals and organisations committed to supporting prevention strategies for a healthier workforce and client-base.

  • Digital Health Screening

    Preventative health-related screening apps and technology solutions.

  • Video Consult

    Our products meet Australian Government health privacy audit standards.

  • Our Origin

    We are Australian-owned and operated.

Core business and goals

Our core business is built around linking health prevention screening tools with smart devices that operate within Australian and International preventative health ecosystems.


Our corporate partners include Apple, Telstra and Cisco. Their technology drives our products ensuring operability and usability (patient/clinician) underpinned by built-in medical grade security and operability that meets Australian Digital Health Agency Standards. We are also an Affiliate Member of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre to ensure the applications we build meet the highest possible standards of cybersecurity.

Our partner company, Utility Creative, provides our products with their design and operability features, which are informed by the Ottawa Charter for Health Principles.