iCOPE is a world leading, interactive, digital screening app that facilitates efficient and effective mental health screening in the perinatal period (pregnancy and year following birth).

Advantages of the iCOPE app

Increases efficiency

average screen time 6-8 minutes (no scoring time).

Ensures 100% accuracy

through instant, automated scoring. Automated reports eliminate scorer error.

Guides best practice

through the production of instant clinical reports containing clinical advice relative to screening scores and outcomes.

Encourages disclosure

by creating a private environment in which the screener can reflect upon and answer question.

Mobile and time saving

patients can undertake the screen either prior to, or during, an in-person or telehealth consultation.

Empowers the consumer

through the provision of a sensitively written patient report which, once activated by the health service, the patient can choose to receive via email or SMS.

Available in multiple languages

enables patients to undertake the screen and receive their own report in their preferred language, increasing accuracy and minimising the need for translators.

Integration with patient record systems

event summaries can be easily uploaded and integrated into patient record systems, including My Health Record.

Facilitates data collection

raw data can also inform screening rates and outcomes over time at a service level; at a state and territory or national level.

Approved MBS billing

Antenatal consultation MBS 16590/MBS 16591; Postnatal MBS 16407; Complex birth MBS 16552 and allows patient consent for bulk billing and the telehealth consultation.

Digital records and privacy

No data is stored on the device. All data is collected in real time and stored in line with Australian Privacy Legislation. The platform provides forensic digitalised date and time stamping that complies with Australian Digital Health Agency guidelines.

COPE, in partnership with Diginostic and Diginostic’s partners Winthrop, Telstra and Cisco, delivers a solution for perinatal mental health screening that aligns with Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy legislation.